Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shoe odor

Shannon is psyched I've converted our sun porch into the sneaker drying zone.

This morning I got out at 6:00 AM and ran my 12.4 mile route. I took over 2 minutes off the last time I ran it and finished in 1:30:47 ( 7:19 Pace.) I got home at 7:30 and the family was just waking up. Perfect timing to eat breakfast with the kids while Shannon was off to the gym with Kourtney for their workout. Excellent start to the weekend!


Lauren said...

Don't worry Shan, in the summer Scott will line his shoes up in a perfect line down your driveway again. :)

AnthonyP said...

Tremendous pace.

Bob Gentile said...

Very Nice Pace...and love the SNowman pics below--ahhhh those were fun times growing up, then waiting for my Dad to tackle the snowman also was the best :-)