Monday, January 21, 2008

Miami Countdown

The Miami marathon is less than a week away. I’m looking forward to race day! I’ve stuck with my training plan and have logged almost 300 miles in the past 6 weeks. I’ve mixed it up with interval, tempo, recovery and long runs. An average just shy of 50 miles per week in the months of December and January was pretty good for me, since most of those miles were run either in frigid temps, in the dark or indoors on a treadmill. Not the most ideal conditions. But I’ve enjoyed the training and am hoping that my hard work pays off and I can harness some of that Miami “magic” and pull off a PR finish time and qualify for Boston! As my friend Amy said to me, “YOU WILL BE running the Boston marathon. You have to believe it to achieve it!!” We’ll see. So this week I’ll be tapering, carbo loading and finalizing the logistics of our weekend in FL.

“A great soul with a great purpose can make a weak body strong and keep it so.” - Mark Twain


Bob Gentile said...

Best Wishes to a BQ'd sunny filled race in Miami (well maybe some clouds :-)

Your Ready!!

Lauren said...

Sooo jealous

AnthonyP said...

Good luck !