Sunday, January 6, 2008

Running with the dogs

Mark and I hooked up this morning for our first training run together in 2008. We set out at 6:30 AM from my place, navigating our way over and around black ice on the roads. The run quickly seemed to involve an unusual presence of dogs. It was if we had raw meat in our pockets. Or maybe the canine community was sensing weakness running down the streets. Dogs were barking at us and chasing us all along the route. One mutt actually bit Mark! Fortunately cold weather gear resulted in Mark surviving the attack with just a few teethe imprints on his glove and a bunch of slobber. Well maybe the slobber was actually Mark’s. Anyway that was the first time either of us actually got bit. We ended up with a solid 21.5 mile run and covered it in 2:49 (7:54 min/mile pace).

Here's my heart rate and pace data from the run:

Here are a few pics along the route we ran this morning:


Lauren said...

oooh! Beautiful pictures! Soon you'll have to run to our house. Sammy promises not to bit your butt.

AnthonyP said...

Great pictures and cool HR graph. I figured I'd visit your site since you stopped by mine.

Scott said...

Lauren, I mapped a route to your digs. It's actually not as far as I thought. Only 31.5 miles.

Sammy, Thanks for promising not to bite my butt.

Anthony, Thanks.

Lauren said...


Matt said...

Hey, I just read your blog. Nice area. Sheryl and I just closed on our house today. Later.