Sunday, January 24, 2010

A run up Lycabettus Hill

Arrived in Athens, Greece today. Got out for an urban run (with a little bit of trail through some of the city parks.) I ascended Lycabettus Hill to get the heart cranking. It was some steep stuff, but the view from up top was worth it! Some pics from my route:

Lycabettus Hill lurking in the background saying "Come get me Turco."

View from the first peak with the Agean Sea in the distance

Found some trails...

View from the second peak with the Acropolis over my right shoulder

Parliment Building. "Hey, Loosen up bro..."

Temple of Olympiun Zeus

Arch of Hadrian with the Acroplolis in the background

Self pic in front of the Faliro Sports Pavilion (Site of some of the 2004 Summer Olympic events)

A harbor in the Agean Sea

Another self pic...

Standing on Aeopagus hill (next to the Acropolis) looking back at Lycabettus Hill

Back at the hotel. 15.6 miles later. View from my hotel room surveying my run...