Monday, October 5, 2009

One and a quarter centuries

This past Sunday Mark and I cycled from central CT to central MA, around scenic Quabbin Resevoir and back. Here are some stats:

Miles: 125.7
Time: 8:36
Elevation: 3,840'
Calories burned: 6,452
Crashes: 1
Conversations with the law: 1
Encounters with assholes yellin from their trucks: 2
Views of the resevoir: 0

A little foggy and wet early on

Here comes the sun

Newly painted white line + Water = Crash
50 miles into our ride and cruising along at 20 mph, Mark was crossing a shoulder line to move out of the way of a runner and his bike slid out from under him. He fell into my bike, knocking me to the pavement and slamming himself into the road. We assessed the damage and decided to press on.

Mark's road rash

Enjoying the foliage

Where's the resevior?

Some more of Mark's road rash and tire burn from hitting my bike

Our route

Elevation profile

Speed vs. Time Chart