Saturday, April 11, 2009

Northern Nipmuck Volunteer

Bruce and I volunteered today for the Northern Nimpuck Trail Race, satisfying one of the qualifications for entry into the VT100 Endurance Race. We had a great time and enjoyed being on the other side of the table. A big thanks to Jim C. for letting us work at his race.

Clint at the registration table

Bruce setting up the aid station

All set and waiting for some runners

Bruce started off the race by identifying to each runner, which drinks were the gatorade, water and soda. I said "Bruce, you're gonna drive me nuts if you say this to every runner in the race. They know the difference between water and gatorade." So he stopped. Shortly after, a runner came through, grabbed a drink and then quickly spewed it out saying "That's not gatorade!" She got it mixed up with the mt. dew. Bruce just looked at me, "See." Ha ha...

Clint with under 4 miles to go.

The aid station was on a dirt road that saw a few cars during the race. Coincidentally it seemed the cars passed by when there were no runners at our station. So to those who didn't know a race was going on, it looked like Bruce and I were out in the middle of the woods selling lemonade. Apparently we never learned about "location, location, location."