Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hop River Trail

Mark and I met up yesterday at 5:30 AM at the Hop River State Park Trail and put in a nice 22.5 mile run. The trail is a “Rails to Trail” that has a convenient access point which is about 15 minutes away from each of us. It’s been a staple location in our training for a while.
This morning I took the kids back over to the trail for a little hike. They had a blast, each with a walking stick and an eye out for bears!
Ciara was pooped after the hike so she took a long nap and I was able to sneak out to the gym and get an 8.4 mile interval run on the treadmill. It was a solid weekend of training with 31 quality miles.


Lauren said...

That looks like an awesome place. I love how you terrorize them with the idea of bears. :)

Bob Gentile said...

WOW Awesome pics and I love you two Sherpas, the last pic looks like the are on a mission to keep moving-lol

AnthonyP said...

Wow - great pics. Very nice run. I love the "Rails to Trail" trails.