Sunday, May 10, 2009

North Face Endurance 50

Yesterday Mark and I ran in the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Trail Race. The event took place in Bear Mountain, New York. The race course was truly a challenge. The course had it all: slick rocks, momentum stopping mud, brutal climbs, steep decents, wet roots... It was an intense day of running that beat me up pretty good. 150 runners started the race and less than half (72) finished. I managed a solid finish time of 11:41 (41st place.) Mark finished in 10:33 and won his age group (and took home some cool North Face gear as a result.) An incredibly tough run but satisfying in the end.

Mark's ready to go

Not sure if I'm ready to go...

Headlamps were needed with a 5 AM race start

Race start

The finish line

I'm finally done!

Well earned medals

New favorite drink


Bruce G said...

A well deserved medal indeed. Course sounds brutal. Congrats on enduring and finishing with a solid time and placing to boot. You are a rock star!!

AnthonyP said...

That is a great time for an incredibly challenging course. Wayne said he saw you guys out there. I would have joined you (well, after last year I really didn't want to) but for my daughter's First Communion.

Nicely done.

Nitmos said...

Wow, pretty cool. I'd love to get in on some of these events some day but I'm a little scairt, frankly. Congratulations!

CTmarathoner said...

you guys are just amazing to finish that course, let alone do so well. Am sure that every bit of it was challenging, not to mention the rainy weather that brought on slickness -ugh. I did the 1/2 marathon last year which was the first 13 miles of the 50 miler and it took me 4 hours-ha!! I was going to pace Anthony the last 10 miles but he narrowly missed the cutoff (only 8 people finished). Mark must be a trail monster -you too Scott. Great race-you earned your rocket juice.