Monday, July 7, 2008

Yanks Game

On the eve of July 4th I took the family down to Yankee Stadium to see the first game of a series against the rival Red Sox. Even though the Yanks lost we had a great time visiting monument park, watching the game under the lights, eating cotton candy and ice cream, seeing Alex and Ciara's names on the scoreboard and cheering for the pinstripes.





Marcy said...

AWWWHHHHH how sweet is that!! You're both brave brave souls to man the 2 kids there. Did they get bored at all?

AnthonyP said...

Let's Go Mets !!

Let's Go Mets !!

Nitmos said...

Way to rock out that Mattingly shirt. For me, I would rock out a Trammell shirt. Sadly, no foresight to keep the old t-shirts. I'll have to look at a throwback shop.

That's very cool of The North Face gang to send that medal.

rundangerously said...

great photos scott! my 13 y/o daughter now wears my vintage mattingly tee - go figure!

Lauren said...

Shall we take them to a Red Sox game next so they don't grow up biased?

jahowie said...

Great pics!! It's a shame that the stadium will be gone after this year. I like the old ballparks. I still miss the old Tiger Stadium here.