Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vermont 100

Holy crap! It was tough. But I finished. At some point I'll post some pics and a report. Right now my focus is with Ciara. She's currently at the hospital fighting a spider bite infection. Sucks!! My poor little sweatheart!!


Bob Gentile said...

GRRRR friggin spider bites.... Hope she is ok and getting better.

Congrats Scott on VT!! I heard it was hot/humid...Look forward to ur report!

Recover well & I hope ur quads are sore cause If they are not I will be really pissed --haha seriously you better be sore dude, seriously!!

AnthonyP said...

I hope Ciara is o.k. and gets better quickly.

Great job in Vermont. It was cool to see you in action. Amazing how this blog stuff comes full circle at events when you finally meet people. You really rallied from a bad stretch early on and brought it home. Fantastic job - looking forward to reading all of the details.

Marcy said...

CONGRATS HOMIE!! I was wondering the same thing as Bob. The weather has been brutal lately.

I hope Ciara is ok :-( Poor thing!

Lauren said...

Oh my god. I'm calling you.

Keith Magnus said...

Scott!!! 1st off I hope Ciara is ok...I know it was hurting her this wknd. 2nd; couldn't be more happy for, and proud of you man. You came WAY back from a low-point and ripped it up. GREAT race and I'm looking forward to the VT50!

Nitmos said...

Wow, sounds like an eventful weekend. I thought spiders just barked not bit?

Hopefully, recovery goes well.

CTmarathoner said...

hope the little one is OK!!!! Nothing worse than having a sick child.
Congrats again to you and mark for rocking that tough course...Looking forward to the race report, however short --I have a mental block now about the course -haha.

rundangerously said...

congrats scott! great job out there!

hope it's nothing serious w/your daughter.

looking fwd to your rr!

Clayton "Zeke" said...

Hi Scott, So happy that Ciara is doing well. We didn't get to talking about family while running together, but I've caught up on that via the blog.
So now when you have a moment, could you home me in on that GPS business that the Slammer posted? I hope it was just last year because the course was different prior to that.

A couple of interesting things regarding race finish times. You came in about 5 minutes before me on Sunday morning. How about them last 12 miles?
I also saw that you ran a 4:24:54 at Nipmuc. I haven't been back for a couple of years, due to work conflicts, but on a very hot day in 2005 I managed to do 4:24:17 That took about 9 minutes off of the standing 60's age division record and has held up. I'm hoping to run it again next year.
I think we should run it together because we seem to be about even in our running. For now, Zeke Zucker