Monday, March 17, 2008

Sham Rock On

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday my cousin Kasia, my brother-in-law Keith and I completed the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. This was Kasia and Keith's first marathon and they both "sham rocked" it! Both finished just inside 4 hours! A huge congrats to both of them!!! I think they're now hooked and are joining the dark side. :-)

My plan was to not chance further injuring/re-injuring myself so I ran a steady 8:30 pace and finished in 3:42. The asphalt and concrete still ended up taking its toll on me as my hip hurts like a mo fo. I'm looking forward to running more on the trails! The Shamrock course was scenic as it took us through the Camp Pendleton, along the beach boardwalk, through the Fort Story Army installation, by the Cape Henry light house and finished at the neptune statue. The finish line festival was very cool with bands playing and Yuengling beer flowing. (Ahhh... memories of college in PA) It was an awesome weekend and worth the 10 hour drive. (Although next time we're flying!)


Marcy said...

Sounds like a great time :-) CONGRATS on the race! ;D

AnthonyP said...

Great job ! Congrats to kasia and Keith on their first.

Carilyn said...

Hey, I missed this the other day! Great job on a smart marathon. Yeah, that asphalt is a killer! Hope you have a good recovery - because you have some running to do!