Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vermont 100 Pacer

“Pacers” are allowed in 100-mile endurance races to run with competitors the last portion of the event. The Vermont 100 allows pacers to join runners for the last 30 miles of the race. Pacers provide encouragement, help runners at the aid stations get food and hydration, help the runners follow the course etc… My training partner Mark and I decided to pace at the VT 100 (July '07) with several goals in mind:
- Gain some experience with the ultra running scene
- Log some training miles in preparation for our first 50 mile race
- Fulfill volunteer requirement for entry into the 2008 VT 100

Click here for an account of my pacing experience at the 2007 VT 100.


Lauren said...

Is there some sort of way to track miles run to date? I'll bet you've got plenty under your belt.

Scott said...

Ironic you ask. Earlier this week I found a web based tracker that has a widget to post miles run to date. I'm inputting my data from my old school non-web based tracker. It'll be on my site soon...