Thursday, December 6, 2007

11 Degrees

The last few weeks I’ve been recovering from the races I completed in the fall. I’ve been getting plenty of rest and have gone to the gym for only a few light workouts. My only run outside was the one in Washington DC last week. And although it was a great run, all the stops to take pictures didn’t make for the best workout. So I decided that this morning would be the start of getting back into training mode, with a focus on the end of January Miami Marathon. My alarm clock went off at 5:30 AM and as I was trying to pull myself out from under my warm Canadian fleece bed sheets into the winter chill, Shannon was mumbling something about it’s “not fair” and “need to sleep”. I’m the one getting up to go out in the frozen tundra and my wife’s the cranky one?!

After checking the thermometer and noting that it was not so cozy outside, I put on my cold weather gear, lit up the headlamp and set off on my 7¼-mile route. I must’ve chosen the right clothing combination, as I was comfortable and not too bothered by the sub-teen temp. I managed just under an 8:00 min/mile pace completing the run in 57 min. It was great to be back outside running, even though it was an icicle forming 11 degrees!!


Lauren said...

Dude. Duuuude. You should've come over for cocoa, Sean was just leaving for the airport around that time.

Scott said...

You can have cocoa ready for me when I run to your new place.

Lauren said...