Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trail Run On The Nipmuck Courses

Mark, Bruce and I hit the trails this morning (5:30 AM) for a long run on sections of the Nipmuck Trail Marathon and Northern Nipmuck Trail Race courses. We parked at the Northern end of the Nipmuck Marathon course and ran south (7 miles) to the start. It was dark and it was cold (sub 20 F), but we were having a good time. We then repeated that section back to where we started to complete the 14 mile roundtrip. We reloaded our fuel and then headed north on the Northern Nipmuck course. We picked up the pace a bit and worked hard as we traversed the difficult trail heading north. Once we reached 6 miles out, we turned back and finshed up our run back to our vehicles. 26 miles in 5:10 on some tough terrain. Excellent way to welcome in Spring.

Bruce is rather happy for 5:30 AM on a Saturday...

...and Mark isn't

It was dark





... Mark
... and Bruce approaching "two pipes"

"Two pipes"

Me heading up the ridge

Lots of terrain like this on the Northern Nipmuck trail

Mark finishing up the run

Heading home


AnthonyP said...

I've always wanted to run Nipmuck. Love the pics.

KMag said...

Nice run guys!!! That video is kinda funny too; I woulda fallen at least twice. Wish I coulda joined ya, maybe I can next time. Agh the things I miss by not living in CT!

Bruce G said...

Excellent training..Nice Pics..hope the knee's OK

cmorse said...

Dang, now I'm falling behind you guys - didn't get any real mileage this week, though I spent 10 hours in the park at Crandalls today - setting courses, running two meets, then picking up flags afterwards. I was going to do 2x 12mile commute tomorrow, but I'm beat.

Marcy said...

Dang! Lookin good my friend, lookin good ;D

Dan said...

Will you guys be running the Northern Nipmuck race this Saturday?

Run for Chocolate said...

I ran Northern Nipmuck and the Nipmuck Marathon last year. Both were awesome and hard. This year I am doing Soapstone on May 17th. See you there?

Anonymous said...

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