Monday, January 12, 2009

Malone Wedding

My term as a Justice of the Peace has started, so I was able to marry Sean and Lauren on Saturday. We performed the ceremony outdoors at a local nature reserve just before a snow storm arrived. It was the coolest wedding. Literally. It was cold and we loved it. Lauren's friends sang. The ceremony was short and sweet. It was all good.

Lauren, welcome to the family!! And congrats to the both of you!!

Check out Lauren's Blog for more pics and video from Sean and Lauren's awesome day.


Lauren Malone said...

How awesome are you guys for helping us to have our perfect wedding. You and Shan (and Judy) did so much and we will be eternally thankful. And look at how stinkin cute your kids are! I love these photos!!! Yay for finally being legal in-laws. :)

Marcy said...

Dude that's fantastic!! How awesome is that! :-)

Lewis Turco said...

Wow, you get around, Scott! Uncle Lew