Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Manchester Road Race

Pics from the 4.7 mile 2008 MRR:

Walking to the start of the race

Ciara doing her warm-up run

Ciara, Kourt, Alex and Me

Starting line

Start of the race (Pic by The Hartford Courant)

Alex & Ciara watching the race with Ron and Lynne

Shan's attempt at getting a pic of me during the race. This is why we need Auntie Lauren to go to the race and take pics. :)

David, Keith, Ciara, Me & Alex after the race

Fox news coverage


Auntie Lauren said...

Next year I'll be running the race, nude.

Bob from said...

whew thats a lot of people !!! i think I will stick to the lonely trails--lol

AnthonyP said...

OMG ! Tons of people in that race. I'm with Bob G.

Marcy said...

Duuuuuuuuddeee I do NOT see you in shorts, do I? Tell me that's a trick LOL

Nitmos said...