Saturday, June 7, 2008

Race For The Cure

Today Shan and I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. I completed the 5K run and then Shan and I did the 4K walk. The race seems to get bigger each year with thousands turning out to run in memory and celebration of those who've lost and those who've won the battle against breast cancer. My company organized a team for the event and we gathered to run and/or walk together as a group. It was a great morning!

Sponsor tent area

Shan, Kourt, Keith

Shan with some co-workers

Part of the P&W team

Me and Shan

Ryan King - My boss's kid. He won the 5K run in 16:37 (5:21 pace!!)

Start of the walk

Shan with the crew

Another pic of the crew


Marcy said...

Looks like an awesome turnout! Very cool pics ;D

Carilyn said...

Hey Scott - great pictures and a noble cause. Sorry to hear about your run yesterday - crazy weather this year. Thanks for checking in on me!

CTmarathoner said...

great pics!! This race/walk is a very worthy cause -I did the one in machester, VT and NC. Looks like Shan enjoyed herself -your boss's son is a fast runner:)--it was pretty brutal yesterday --impressive that you made it 25 miles on the Nipmuck trail in 5 hours -good job!

Nitmos said...

Good cause but one, sadly, I've never participated in. Next year!

Frank said...

looks like we have the same race schedule. Check out the bimblersbluff50k in southern CT October 26th!!

As far as salt replacement, celery should do the trick. With my diet, I will be pounding the bananas. And if its hot, watermelon madness!!