Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Past Weekend

Over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house

Saturday Mark and I put in a long run. We decided to run to my parent’s house in Bristol, which is 25 miles by the direct route on the roads. I did a little planning and saw that we could substitute a decent section (12.6 miles) of trail to the run and only add about ~8.5 miles to the total distance. So we started our run Saturday morning at 6:15 AM and enjoyed yet another perfect morning for running. After crossing over the Connecticut River and heading west, we met up at about mile 15 with the Metacomet Trail (Blue) at Talcott Mountain . We covered the next 12.6 miles on the blue trail passing Hueblin Tower , Avon Mountain, West Hartford Resevoir and 50 Cents Farmington Mansion . (We stopped at 50’s gate and asked for some Vitamin water.) After reaching Rt. 6 it was another ~ 6 miles on the road to my parent’s house. We finished with 33.5 miles in 5:50. A great run!

Night out for the bride and groom “to be”

Saturday night we headed down to the Mohegan Sun casino for a night out with Keith and Kourtney to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Drinking, eating, gambling and shopping made for a fun night!

Memorial Day

Monday we took the kids to the local parade and then to the West Hartford Resevoir for a picnic and a ride in their bike trailer (aka Super Fast Rocket). The weather was so perfect for a day outdoors!

This weekend coming up is the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. It might be a wet and muddy one! :)


bill carter said...

Hi Scott

People think I'm a little nutty because of the miles I put in, but 33.5 miles?? And I have never decided.. you know what I'm not going to drive to mom and dad's place.. I'll just RUN it. Thats just a little insane my friend and runner to runner... I love it!

Great luck with your trail marathon and you have my respect and admiration. 33.5 miles... crazy.

AnthonyP said...

Great pics. Mohegan ? No poker room (at least for now)...Foxwoods is my casino of choice.

Looking forward to doing the North Face course (if I can keep up with you).

Marcy said...

For sibs, those 2 sure look like they get along awfully well. Why do I always have pics of my kids gouging eyes :P What's the secret?


Nitmos said...

Have a great race! What would a trail marathon be without some mud??

rundangerously said...


no wet and muddy conditions at nimpmuck (that was last year)! think dry :D

see you there tomorrow!

Carilyn said...

What great pictures! Your family is beautiful!

Sounds like your doing some fun running. Have a great race!