Sunday, January 29, 2012

Couple of cycling race locations in Europe...

This past week I was able to check out a few locations on some legendary (and one soon to be) cycling routes.  Two of the spots I visited are each part of one-day races in the "Monuments" of European cycling.  Below are some pics I took...

Paris-Roubaix (Hell of the North)

A relatively well maintained section of cobbles located in Gruson, France. (Carrefor de l'Abre)

Marker located on the route.

Cool view of the cobbles.  

Velodrome finish in Roubaix.

 Final turn into the finish line in front of grandstand.


Race passes through Houffalize, Belgium. 

Great vantage point of the town (Houffalize, Belgium)

The legendary climb Cote de Saint-Roche. (Link to Graham Watson race shot)

Looking back to the town from Cote de Saint-Roche.

A couple of Schlecks from down the road ride here...

The 3rd cycling location I visited will serve as the site of this year's Grand Start to the Tour De France.

2012 TDF Prologue - Liege, Belgium

The 6 km prologue will start at the Parc d'Avroy 

Blvd de la Sauveniere

A few cobblestone sections on the course.  (Rue de l'Universite)

Course runs alongside the River Meuse 

From the Quai Roosevelt Blvd looking up the River Muese

 Race advertisements are up!

 Course passes by the Palace in the Place Saint-Lambert

More advertisement of the TDF.

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